A History of Fascism in America

Has fascism arrived in America? In this pioneering book, Gavriel D. Rosenfeld and Janet Ward have gathered experts to survey the history of fascism in the United States. Although the US established a staunch anti-fascist reputation by defeating the Axis powers in World War II, the unsettling truth is that fascist ideas have long been […]

Weekly Roundup: Melting Monuments and Myths

Dan and Brad begin by recounting the melting of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville – and the right-wing reactions to it. This leads to a lengthy discussion of the efforts to keep Trump off the ballot in CO and MN via the 14th amendment. In the conclusion, the hosts discuss how the Lost […]

Surviving IHOPKC

Brad speaks to two survivors of IHOP-KC about the abuse they endured there, the dynamics of the community, and healing with others. This week allegations emerged about Mike Bickle, founder of IHOP-KC, a central hub in charismatic Christianity located in Kansas City. Bob Smietana at RNS describes Bickle this way: “Bickle is one of the […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 72: “Rebellion is Sin of Witchcraft”

“Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.” So reads the King James Bible. What does this verse mean? And why does this translation of the verse still circulate within Christian culture, despite being an archaic translation? And most importantly, what are some of the social effects of this verse? Dan explores these topics in this […]

Weekly Roundup: A Johnson for Speaker

Brad and Dan use the bulk of this episode to introduce listeners to the Christian nationalism of new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. They go over his right-wing record on abortion (near abolitionist), on LBGTQ rights (as homophobic as they come), on separation of church and state (doesn’t believe in it), and his understanding […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 71: Christians and Halloween – A Brief History

Dan gives a brief history of halloween and the ways it has morphed through pre-Christian and Christian history. He then asks: What does it mean when religious people appeal to “God’s will”? What kind of work does this do? Does it always provide the guidance and comfort for life it seems to promise? And what […]

Fascism is Our New Normal III: Red Caesar

Brad looks upstream from the talking heads to the intellectuals on the American Right who are normalizing fascist ideas. He points to the phenomenon of the Red Caesar as the framework for how these intellectuals call for a post-constitutional American wherein democracy is set aside for rule by one man. Subscribe now to American Idols: […]

Special Episode: On God’s Campus Ep 1

Fascism is Our New Normal III is coming tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the first episode of the new Axis Mundi Media series On God’s Campus. Chloe, Paul, and Erin set the stage for On God’s Campus by giving in-depth background information from their personal lives, upbringings, and the ways that they are directly connected […]

Weekly Roundup: Our Blood is the Same Color

Brad and Dan begin by discussing some of the terrible reactions to the situation in Israel on the part of American politicians and the deadly consequences we’ve already seen throughout the country. This leads to a discussion of the Biden administration’s approach to aid in Israel and the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza. In the […]

It’ In the Code Ep. 71: “Playing God”

We’ve probably all heard the phrase “playing god,” and many of us might even have been accused of playing god. But what does it mean when someone says that? Is it different in a “secular” context than in a religious context? And why do people use this language when we’re discussing complex, contested issues? And […]

Fascism is Our New Normal II: Terribly and Terrifyingly Ordinary

Brad draws on the work of Hannah Arendt to explain how fascism relies on ordinary people operating within a cruel system. He uses two clips – one from Fox News and the other from a right-wing show – to reveal how fascist thought has creeped into our political stream, cultivating ordinary people into a totalitarian […]