It’s In the Code Ep. 44: A Word on My Heart

“I have a word on my heart for you,” or “the Lord has laid a word on my heart for you,” is a phrase that is common within conservative American Christian circles. Many people who are familiar with this phrase find that it gets under their skin, that it rubs them the wrong way, while […]

Weekly Roundup: The Men Are Not Okay

Brad and Dan begin by discussing Mike Pence’s homophobic joke about Pete Buttigieg and his openly blaming of Donald Trump for the J6 insurrection. They then break down the GOP’s reversal on mail-in voting and debate what effect it will have at the polls. Compromising Positions: Finally, they check in on cases from San […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 43: Unequally Yoked

What does it mean when a Christian warns us against being “unequally yoked” with someone else? Where does this language come from? And how has been used to marginalize and exclude others? What are the dangers of this language, which is so common among some Christians? Dan tackles these topics in this week’s episode. Linktree: […]

Evangelicals, Israel, and the End of the F*cking World (re-release)

On this re-released episode from 2019 Brad shares his former apocalypse extremism. Dan draws on his expertise in apocalyptic literature to unpack how evangelicals envision the end of the world and what it means for their relationship with Israel. Linktree: Order Brad’s new book: For access to the full Orange Wave series, click […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 42: Praying for You

People in our lives often tell us they are “praying for” us, that they are “keeping us in their prayers,” etc. Sometimes these assurances on the part of others bring us comfort, but other times they stir up complex emotions such as anger, or sadness, or confusion. What is going on when people offer to […]

Weekly Roundup: Christian Erotica for the Cringe

Brad and Dan begin by discussing an excerpt from Joshua Butler’s new book, which appeared at the Gospel Coalition this week. The excerpt lays out a theology of sex that imagines Christ as the male partner in a heterosexual erotic relationship with the Christian church. This metaphor is extended to the sexual relationships men and […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 41: Don’t Be a Stumbling Block Part 2

Building on the previous episode, Dan dives deeper into the code of not being a “stumbling block” in this episode. How do admonitions not to be a stumbling block depart from the actual context of that phrase in the Christian New Testament? And what does this tell us about some Christians’ claim to be “biblical […]

All Things Asbury

In a joint episode with the New Evangelicals, Brad hosts a roundtable with Tim Whitaker (New Evangelicals), Dr. Leah Payne, and Dr. Matthew Taylor. The four of them discuss what the revival looked like in person when Tim visited last week, how it matches up to past revivals at Asbury and other institutions, and the […]

Weekly Roundup: Mr Biden Goes to Kyiv

Brad and Dan begin by discussing the polar opposite speeches given by Biden and Putin on the eve of the one year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Brad analyzes Putin’s culture war rhetoric, showing how and why it mirrors the family values and queerphobic rhetoric of American Christian nationalists. Dan points out the symbolic […]