Weekly Roundup: Embryos are People Now?

Brad and Dan begin by discussing the shocking decision from the Alabama Supreme Court proclaiming embryos to be human beings. They dissect the legal, philosophical, theological, and political dynamics of the ruling – and breakdown the Christian nationalism baked into the opinion written by Chief Justice Tom Parker. They then turn their attention to Oklahoma, […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 87: “With All Apologies”

The doctrine of inerrancy isn’t convincing philosophically, theologically, or factually. Yet it remains a cornerstone of belief within a conservative Christian circles. What explains its persistence? In this episode, Dan begins exploring this issue by suggesting that the doctrine of inerrancy, despite all of its intellectual failings, speaks to a deeply felt need within a […]

Dan Partland – Director of God and Country + (Bonus Content)

Brad’s interview with Dan Partland, director of God and Country, a new documentary that examines Christian nationalism in the United States. Based partly on Katherine Stewart’s The Power Worshippers, it includes many prominent voices speaking out against Christian nationalism – Andrew Whitehead, Jemar Tisby, Andrew Seidel, Anthea Butler, and many more. Brad speaks with Dan […]

Moscow Mules: Trump. Nato. Putin. MAGA Mike. Tucker Gets Tuckered.

Brad and Dan begin by discussing Trump’s comments on NATO and how they reflect eight years of Putin transforming the American Right’s view of America’s role in the world. This leads to an extended discussion of Mike Johnson and his reticence to send support to Ukraine without a border deal, even though that is what […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 86: “The Last Line of Defense”

What do those who insist that the Bible is inerrant, literally “without error,” do if they’re finally confronted with contradictions or errors in the biblical text that no one can plausibly explain? Does this lead them to abandon the doctrine? Do they finally have to give in to the evidence of the text they themselves […]

Weekly Roundup: Walk by Faith, Not by Impeachment Votes (or Immunity Claims)

Brad and Dan take a winding tour through a bundle of issues: the GOP’s failed impeachment vote; the lampooning of their own bill in the Senate; Red Shirts beating a Latino man live on Fox News; Elise Stefanik saying she wouldn’t have certified the election if she was VP; book burning political candidates; a woman […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 85: “I Know What the Bible Says”

Inerrantists who claim that the Bible is “without error,” right down to the individual words of the text, also recognize that the Bible is full of factual inaccuracies. How do they reconcile these two positions? How can they acknowledge factually inaccurate claims and still insist that the Bible is “without error”? One theological strategy is […]

We Are Living in the Klan’s America Part I + Bonus Content

Brad speaks with Dr. Kelly J. Baker, author of Gospel of the Klan. In the first segment, Brad outlines how TPUSA is akin to the 1920s Klan. Then he speaks with Dr. Baker, who outlines how the Klan was seen as a patriotic Christian organization that put God and country first. Sound familiar? In its […]

Bonus Ep. 1: That Time God Wanted Dan to Get Arrested

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It’s In the Code Ep. 84: The Original Manuscripts

Those who claim that the Bible is “inerrant” are clear that this applies to the “autographs,” or original manuscripts, of the Bible. But we don’t have ANY of those original manuscripts. What does that mean for claims that the Bible is “inerrant”? And even if we did have those originals, most of us can’t read […]