What is Christian Nationalism? (American Idols Ep. 1)

Brad is attending to the birth of his second child. So, enjoy the first episode of the new Axis Mundi series by Andrew Whitehead. In the opening episode, Andrew defines Christian nationalism, and uses his personal journey as a Christian to understand how it works on the ground in the religious lives of Americans, church […]

Weekly Roundup: Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

On the first segment Dan and Brad begrudgingly discuss Lauren Boebrert’s Beetlejuice scandal – and what it reveals about the Christian nationalist persona she’s cultivated. In the second segment, they discuss a myriad of issues – from the firing of a teacher for teaching the Diary of Anne Frank to supposed discrimination against Whites at […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 67: “There’s No Morality Without God”

“There’s no morality without God.” That is a claim made by many Christians. But it’s also a claim with a cultural hold that extends beyond card-carrying Christians. What does it mean? Why do people make this claim? Should we believe it? And why do people make this claim? Is it just a philosophical or theological […]

Abortion Abolitionists (Inform Your Resistance)

A special presentation of Inform Your Resistance: Abortion abolitionists: who are they, what drives them, and how do their tactics overlap with those of other far-right movements? Join host, Koki Mendis, and PRA Senior Research Analyst, Cloee Cooper, as we reveal the chilling facts about this nationwide syndicate of militant anti-abortion Christians. We unravel the […]

Weekly Roundup: How 9/11 Accelerated Christian Nationalism

Brad begins by tracing the extreme Christian nationalism of the 2020s to the years following 9/11. The thesis: the ways that Republican politicians and conservative pastors responded to 9/11 led to a new chapter of American Christian nationalism. Dan then picks up the thread to discuss how Black churches and other groups are teaching Black […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 66: Let Go, and Let God

“Let Go and Let God” Maybe you’ve heard the admonition to “let go and let God.” Maybe it provides some comfort. Maybe it’s frustrating. Maybe it makes you angry. What does it mean, and why can it provoke such a range of responses? Why do people say this? How does it relate to a culture […]

Can Democracy Survive 24/7 Cable News?

In her new book, 247 News Dr. Kathryn Cramer Brownell, Associate Professor of History at Purdue University, shows how cable became an unstoppable medium for political communication that prioritized cult followings and loyalty to individual brands, fundamentally reshaped party politics, and, in the process, sowed the seeds of democratic upheaval. In her conversation with Brad, […]

Weekly Roundup: The 14th

Brad and Dan begin by discussing the fact that Trump may be kept off the ballot in some states. The 14th amendment prohibits those who have “engaged in insurrection” from holding office. Dan breaks down the case and what may happen going forward. In the second segment Brad analyzes Project 2025, a program from the […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 65: Publicly Private

“It’s In the Code.” But in what sense is a code something public and shared? And in what sense is a code something secret, communicated only the select few “in the know?” Dan explores these issues in this episode, arguing that secret codes that operate below the surface are dependent on public codes we all […]

The Reawaken America Tour: Anti-Semitic, Anti-Democratic, and Openly Violent

Brad talks to Rev. Nathan Empsall, the Executive Director of Faithful America. They discuss the Reawaken America Tour, which just relaunched in Las Vegas a week ago. As Rev. Nathan says, the tour platforms speakers who are anti-Semitic, anti-democratic, and openly violent. It is a dangerous movement that is, unfortunately, tying together explicit Christian practice […]

Weekly Roundup: Back to (Destroy) School

How does a racially fueled tragedy tie into the policies of a state governor? And what sinister patterns can we uncover when we trace the origins of the ‘lone gunman’ phenomenon? Brad and Dan investigate the chilling Jacksonville shootings, the disturbing racial motivations behind the crime, and the ways these events echo the policies of […]