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White Christian Supremacy vs. Multi-Racial Democracy

Dr. Liliana Mason is faculty at Johns Hopkins University and author of Uncivil Agreement: How Politics Became Our Identity.

In a new article, Activating Animus: The Uniquely Social Roots of Trump Support, she and her co-authors show that “Trump’s support is thus uniquely tied to animus toward minority groups.”

She provides key takeaways fro this study:

“First, the people who really like Trump in 2018 are the same ones who really disliked Blacks, Muslims, LGBT+, and Hispanics in 2011. It’s NOT THE SAME for the GOP in general, or even for Ryan or McConnell. Trump is drawing on this particular group of people to a unique degree.The new MAGA/anti-MAGA conflict is not an entirely partisan one. It’s about white Christian supremacy versus a fully multi-racial democracy. And it’s not happening for anyone on the Democratic side. Hating Christians and White people doesn’t predict favorability toward any Democratic figures or the Democratic Party. So it isn’t “anti-White racism” (whatever that means) motivating the left. It’s not “both sides.” This means that there is a faction in American politics that has moved from party to party, can be recruited from either party, and responds especially well to hatred of marginalized groups. They’re not just Republicans or Democrats, they’re a third faction that targets parties.

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