Straight White American Jesus

A podcast on religion and politics hosted by Daniel Miller and Bradley Onishi, ex-ministers who are now scholars of religion.

Weekly Roundup: Christian Erotica for the Cringe

Brad and Dan begin by discussing an excerpt from Joshua Butler’s new book, which appeared at the Gospel Coalition this week. The excerpt lays out a theology of sex that imagines Christ as the male partner in a heterosexual erotic relationship with the Christian church. This metaphor is extended to the sexual relationships men and women in Christian marriage. Dan analyzes the patriarchal aspects of this approach, showing how it creates a context where submission is required from women and consent is almost by definition excised from the relationship.

In the second segment Brad breaks down an article from Rolling Stone on the National Association of Christian Lawmakers – a Christian nationalist policy engine that is writing and proposing potential laws across the country with help from legislators.

In the final segment the hosts discuss a new bill in Idaho that would prohibit “lewd” materials from being taught in schools. Dan points out the hypocrisy and reductiveness of the bill, while Brad points out that children under 18 are allowed to marry in the state and if they become pregnant are asked to carry the fetus to term – but apparently are not mature enough to deal with sexula materials in any way.

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