Straight White American Jesus

A podcast on religion and politics hosted by Daniel Miller and Bradley Onishi, ex-ministers who are now scholars of religion.

Weekly Round Up: Party of Lincoln and Election Fraud

Brad and Dan lay out the timeline and details of the fake electors the Trump campaign organized in order to overthrow the election. If you thought the details of Trump’s coup couldn’t get worse, wait until you hear the full scope of the plan to commit election fraud throughout the country in order to overturn the will of the people. 

They then discuss a new article at Christianity Today that maintains God’s pronouns must be he/him. Dan draws on his training as a theologian and queer theory to disssect the argument’s misguided and disingenuous foundations. 

The episode finishes with a discussion of the difference between feeling unsafe and uncomfortable a propos a new bill in Florida that would make it illegal for schools or workplaces to make people feel “uncomfortable” based on their racial identity. It is another ploy by Uncle Ron DeSantis to whitewash American history. 

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