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A podcast on religion and politics hosted by Daniel Miller and Bradley Onishi, ex-ministers who are now scholars of religion.

The Orange Wave: Live Q+A Session

Use JESUS20 for 20% off at! Dan and Brad hosted a live meeting with SWAJ listeners. We had a great discussion of important questions. They are listed below: Questions for SWAJ Q+A, June 30, 2020: Randall Balmer’s three point definition of evangelical does not directly mention a belief in Hell or an afterlife. The evacuation plan seems to be such a focus in many churches and I believe this is foundational to many conversions, ie, the fear of spending eternity in a firey Hell or the promise of spending eternity in a heavenly mansion. Has there been any research as to how many people are converted out of fear, especially children? Would you consider the Great Commission a form of colonialism for Christian Nationalists? How did you choose your show music? 2. What does faith mean to you? 3. What kinds of research from other PhDs in your field do you hope to see coming out of the movement for Black lives? 4. The conservative takeover of the Southern Baptist convention – where did all those pastors, church members, and churches go that were either excommunicated or willingly left the SBC? Did they have any impact on evangelicalism, or did they just get out? Did they become a part of the religious left? 5. Has understanding about the origins of the religious right helped you to communicate with people still heavily involved in it? 6. Is it possible to be both libertarian and ethically concerned with social justice? Or do libertarian ideals always = alt right? 7. Does populism result in authoritarianism? I ask because of this op-Ed by Francisco Toro 8. Obviously American leadership contributes to our anti-science COVID tsunami. But rank and file citizens are the actual problem. Does Europe not have these people? Is the Brexit crowd an anti-mask crowd? Europe has an anti-vax movement. Why not this other garbage? 9. A question for your Q&A: how much did the interest in your podcast from outside the US surprise you? 10. I’m curious about your knowledge of the Falkirk Center at Liberty U? 11. What made the charismatic and neo-pentecostal churches embrace right wing politics?? 12. In the past you mentioned ‘non church going, self identified Evangelicals’? Can you expand on that, it doesn’t make sense to me.

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