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A podcast on religion and politics hosted by Daniel Miller and Bradley Onishi, ex-ministers who are now scholars of religion.

The Maliciousness of Christian Xenophobia

Brad speaks with Dr. Lucas Kwong of CUNY about the far-reaching implications of Christian xenophobia. They discuss the explicit White nationalism of AZ Representative Paul Gosar and far-right commentator Nick Fuentes (who was just banned from Twitter for his hateful content). They also touch on the more cunning versions of Christian xenophobia in pastors such as Tim Keller and Ralph Drollinger, the latter of whom taught a weekly Bible study at the White House throughout the Trump presidency, who use the buzz words of “racial reconciliation” to smuggle in a more subtle xenophobic message.

For Kwong, this topic is personal. As an Asian American Christian, he has experienced being a “stranger” and “outsider” in a number of ways. During the COVID pandemic he witnessed his community ravaged by hate and violence due to the racialized slurs leaders used to describe the virus and the blame they placed on China for its spread. In the wake of the Atlanta massacre he wondered how faith, race, and sex played into the unspeakable tragedy of that day. So, he formed the “Open Letter Against Christian Xenophobia” and is now working to bring awareness to this issue. His scholarship, personal history, and Asian American Christian identity come together in his activism against Christian xenophobia and White nationalism.

Find the Open Letter Against Christian Xenophobia here.

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