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Special Episode: The Southern Baptist Convention’s Apocalypse with Robert Downen

This past week a 400-page report outlining the culture of coverup and the widespread abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention was released. The SBC is the country’s largest Protestant denomination with roughly 14 million members. Together Its 45k churches bring in roughly 11 billion dollars annually. The bombshell report provides details of an abuse and cover up scandal in the SBC that goes both to the very top of the organization but also spreads to every corner of its vast network of churches.

Robert Downen has been covering the SBC and its various scandals since 2018. After having written dozens of articles on the abuse, the silencing of survivors, the threats against whistleblowers, and the resignation of executive leaders accused of rape and cover-ups, he sits down with Brad to discuss the newly released report.

  1. Link to Jonathan Krohn’s reporting for SWAJ on the 2021 SBC Convention :
  2. Link to Jonathan Krohn’s report from the floor of the SBC Convention in 2021:

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