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Monster in the Mirror: Ep 5: The Sheepdog, The Wolf, And The Warlock

Rudyard Kipling is best known for his children’s classic The Jungle Book. But the creator of boy-hero Mowgli also created copaganda for his Nineties – the 1890’s.

In his recurring character Adam Strickland, Kipling fashioned an officer who elicits scorn for his unconventional methods, but who always gets his man. In the story we’re going to look at today, “The Mark Of The Beast,” Strickland faces a mysterious Hindu priest who curses his friend by turning him into a wolflike beast. As such, “The Mark Of The Beast” isn’t just a cop story. It also features two horror archetypes that would come into their own in the 20th century: the man-beast and the supernaturally powerful devil worshipper. Or, if you like, the Wolf-Man and the Warlock. In this episode, we’re going to talk about how Christocops today similarly see themselves as fighting an uphill battle to keep Wolf-Men and Warlocks at bay . . . by any means necessary. 

Text of “Mark Of The Beast”:

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Kathryn Belew, Bring The War Home

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Written, narrated, and produced by Lucas Kwong

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Voice actors: Christian Young-Valdovinos, Lucas Kwong

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