Straight White American Jesus

A podcast on religion and politics hosted by Daniel Miller and Bradley Onishi, ex-ministers who are now scholars of religion.

Jemar Tisby on Paternalism, Prejudice, and Power

Brad is joined by the one and only Dr. Jemar Tisby. They discuss a range of issues related to paternalism, prejudice, and power.

One of the first things Dr. Tisby points out is that compromise has often been the site of the most egregious forms of racism in American history. He then goes on to talk about the paternalism that pervaded White Christians’ justification of slavery – and the ways paternalism continues to perpetuate racism today. The discussion then turns to an individualistic vs. systemic approach to thinking about oppression, and why the former is often used as a way out for doing the hard work of facing history and the present.

The Color of Compromise: The Truth About the American Church’s Complicity in Racism:

The Color of Compromise is not a call to shame or a platform to blame white evangelical Christians. It is a call from a place of love and desire to fight for a more racially unified church that no longer compromises what the Bible teaches about human dignity and equality. A call that challenges black and white Christians alike to standup now and begin implementing the concrete ways Tisby outlines, all for a more equitable and inclusive environment among God’s people. Starting today.

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