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J6 ONE YEAR LATER, Ep. 6: This Was a Dress Rehearsal – with Anne Nelson

What if J6 and the Anti-CRT movements trace back to the same secretive organization? What if J6 was the result of years of planning and organizing? And what if there’s a plan in place to make sure that a secretive network has the chance to pick our next president?

Anne Nelson is the author of Shadow Network: Media, Money, and the Secret Hub of the Radical Right. She explains how J6 was the result of a year-long strategy implemented by the Council for National Policy. Once the CNP realized that Trump would most likely not win the popular vote or the electoral college, they set in motion a plan to skew doubt on the integrity of the election. They helped organize various events and rallies calling for the election to be overturned and supported the events on the ground on J6. Afterwards, they set in motion another set of plans to win back moderate voters by convincing them that their kids’s schools were teaching CRT.

Anne Nelson’s Washington Spectator article:

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