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Charismatic Revival Fury, Ep 5 Part II: Dutch Sheets and the NAR Go to Battle on J6

The NAR Apostles were at the heart of the Christian Trumpism of the J6 Insurrection. If you’ve looked at any images of the crowds surrounding the Capitol that day, one of the overlooked and under-analyzed details is how many of those “Appeal to Heaven” flags there were in the crowd. They’re easy to identify because of the stark white background and the green tree at the center. Once you begin to notice them, you realize they are everywhere. There must be dozens of them, maybe even hundreds. This is a striking signal of how far Dutch Sheets’ prophetic meme has spread and of his mobilizing potential. One of the most visible markers of a connection between the New Apostolic Reformation and the crowds of rioters and riot sympathizers that day is the presence of this legion of Appeal to Heaven flags. And just in case you might think, well maybe people are just referencing the Revolutionary War, there are people who posted on Facebook that day carrying their Appeal to Heaven flag and reading the prophetic decrees from that day’s “Give Him 15” podcast.

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