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Charismatic Revival Fury, Ep 3 Part II: Lance Wallnau and Spiritual Memes

There are two phenomena that we hear a lot about these days in connection to the NAR: The Seven Mountains Mandate and Sean Feucht. The former is a theology, or ideology, or brand depending on who you ask. It proposes that Christians have a call to dominate every sphere, or mountain, of earthly existence–from the economy to entertainment to politics. It was first popularized by Lance Wallnau, a popular figure in NAR circles and one of C. Peter Wagner’s closest followers.

But before diving into the Seven Mountains and Wallnau, we need to figure out where another ubiquitous NAR phenomenon came from – the Charismatic Troubdaor Sean Feucht.

In Part I of this episode, Matt explains Feucht’s origin story, his rise to fame, and why he represents the power of the NAR movement.

In Part II, Matt connects Feucht’s use of mountain imagery to the Seven Mountains theology popularized by Lance Wallnau.

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